Our Best Sellers

Our Best Sellers


CremeCup (www.cremecup.in) is Kolkata’s very own EGGLESS ONLINE BAKERY.  Freshly baked out of its own kitchen, our cakes, cheesecakes, dry cakes, doughnuts, cupcakes, quiches, croissants, cookies are an absolute delight to the taste buds.  With the idea of preparing the products post an order, we ensure that it maintains its premium quality/standard. We cater by providing non-chargeable doorstep delivery in a box equipped with dry ice slots to keep the products in its optimum temperature during transit. 

You can order through our website, social media or even WhatsApp! The most convenient [and tasty!] way to spruce up a party, a date or an evening alone at home with Desserts!

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Order Online

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Time to Eat

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It was my friends Bday i ordered truffle cake for it took 4 hr to get delivered i was totally pissed off i called up to cancell but could not any how i got the cake when i tasted it , it was like awesome it just melts down once u put it in your mouth . I was so impressed that i re ordered it next day for my home, again it took 3 hr but its worth it ! Right Quote
-Raja !!
As a cake lover this place is favourite to me.The cakes are delisious specially the Dairy milk cake,chocolate mousse cake and many more.Tge brownie,donuts are good also.Right Quote
-Sanjukta Majumdar
Cremecup.in is India's first online bakery and it was for the first time we have ordered a cake from this place.Our eyes was dazzled after seeing such adorable varieties on their website.After a lot of confusion we finally decided to order a "Dairy Milk Cake" and indeed it was a right decision for us.The cake was layered with melted dairymilk and it was so gooey that it just run into our mouth.They also have an excellent service and our cake was delivered with in 4 hours.Right Quote
-Hardik Daga